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The point of life isn’t waiting. Yes we should be patient, however, waiting is a waste of time and life. Waiting for the perfect one. NO. They will come to you. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t lift a finger, but at some point you get tired of the same old story over and over again. At some point you wish that people could read your mind, feel what you are feeling and realise that you are also a person with feelings. And those feelings can get hurt. One thing I wish the most is that my lover would read my posts sometimes. He would learn much more about me that way, since he doesn’t seem too interested in me anymore anyway. My relationship is on the edge. The love that I felt and still feel… I see now what kind of illusions my brain makes for me. Every fucking time that I get an opportunity to jump in the water, I jump with full speed, and I’m wet, covered with bloody love. 

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I understand how much pain I caused you, but that is no reason that you have to backfire at me. I thought you forgave me, but you didn’t. All this time you are still thinking about it, and you know what? We can’t go on if you won’t move on from my mistakes. 

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10 things I hate about some people

Number 1. : I hate people who pretend to be someone they are not. (EXAMPLE) Girls in the club, shaking their asses, looking as good as ever, and then they come home take those 5kg of makeup off and look like zombies. I hate that. 

Number 2. : I hate it when someone tells me off for bitching about someone, even though they also bitch about people. My first principle is, don’t bitch about people that you love and care about, and if some whore is on my nerves because she is acting like a little slut with my ex then I have a right to bitch about that! 

Number 3. : I hate DJ’s at clubs. First of all they play shit music, second of all if you ask them to play one of your favourite songs, they immediately think that you hate what they are playing and get offended. 

Number 4. : I hate people that say they hate Justin Bieber, One Direction, Taylor Swift…etc., but once one of their songs starts playing in a club, all the people that we bitching about them before, now suddenly know all the lyrics to their songs. WTF?

Number 5. : There is always some bitch that talks to me and is one or two years older than me, and says “awww you are so cute and young, you are such a little girl”. FUCK YOU. Age doesn’t matter, you can be 40 and act like a complete douchebag, or 15 and act like an intelligent adult. I have plenty of friends that are 5+ years older than me and we get along just fine, but no then this bitch comes around and starts telling me how young I am. 

Number 6. : I hate people who think they have to prove themselves to me. Just be who you are, don’t make up shit just to impress me. One of my acquaintances once told me after we graduated from high school “oh, I got accepted to the second year of uni because Im so smart”, and he barely passed high school! Why do you LIE? 

Number 7. : I hate people who judge me for smoking pot. I mean, I would only expect people that are old fashioned to be against pot, not teenagers and modern people… Especially when someone says “I quit smoking pot”. It’s like saying “I quit eating vegetables, coz this one research proved that vegetables harm us”. No they don’t. Pot and vegetables are  healthy. Yes I agree that maybe the way we consume weed (smoking) might be a bit harmful, but still… I don’t see a problem in getting high on pot. 

Number 8. : I hate people who get into really good universities and then post about it on facebook all the time. “OMG I just moved to Oxford.” “OMG, I just got my own appartment here in England coz im gonna study at OXFORD”. Fuck off. Thanks for rubbing it in my face first of all, second of all, yes we read it the first 100 times, we don’t need to read about it for the next year!

Number 9. : I hate old ladies on the street judging me when I’m smoking a cigarette. They just give me this look, like I’m doing them any harm. Seriously? My life, my decisions! 

Number 10. : This is the ultimate one: I hate it when I walk down the street and people give me creepy looks, like wtf, do you have anything better to do than look and judge me? Look at yourself! 

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I still look at you, but I look at you from the distance. You broke my heart, and every time I think of you, every time I see you my heart breaks more and more. I’m standing miles away, but I can still see. I wish GOD would blind me so I would be blinded and living a lie that makes me believe that you never existed.